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Technical specification

Model Name Quikr
Maximum Case Size 32"*22"
Minimum Case Size 7"*6"
Board Thickness 1 to 6 mm board
paper Thickness 60 to 250gsm flexible paper.
Turning-in Flap Size 15 to 25mm (Depending upon the paper quality)
Production 400 to 500 case/hr*
Glue Hot & Cold(Optional)
Gluing System Paper Bottom
Man Power Four operators
Power 3 Phase,A.C Motor-3kw,440VAC,50 HZ,Heater-2kw
Gluinh Unit Dimension H-1200*L-1480*W-1550mm
Folding Unit Dimension H-1200*L-2340*W-910mm
Gluing Unit Dimension with Wooden Pack H-1200*L-1550*W-1700mm
Folding unit Dimension with Wooden Pack H-1200*L-2490*W-1000mm
No.of Box Two

VALLAVA – Hard case Maker Machine Model-EXCELLA.

High quality Multi-use Hard Case Binding Machine:

Experienced engineers, dedicated team, Innovative design and heavy duty construction makes sure of consistent high quality PLC based multi product Hard Case Binding machine. This Modular tucking-in cum Double BRUSH TURNING unit machine is suitable for book binders, printers and bulk stationery manufacturers like Box file Mfrs., Notebook Mfrs., and Diary Mfrs. etc. EXCELLA model is also designed for variety of case binding jobs, as demanded by the market.

EXCELLA-Unique Modular Binding system.

  • The Binding system provides the facility for
  • Four Side fold in Pneumatic system or
  • Four Side fold in brush turning unit or
  • Two side fold in Pneumatic system and two side fold in brush turning unit.
  • Only calendaring shall be possible by setting on single direction mode.

Reliable and Proven Gluing system:

40 Inch long Stainless Steel glue rollers are used for proper constant bottom glue application. The machine has high speed paper feeding system & two operator gluing units. Operator shall operate the machine without touching the glue and this shall protect the case from dust accumulation. Cartridge type glue tank with separate hot water tank is provided. Precise control of paper releasing tension blades for proper paper release and high speed run helps in avoiding the paper stuck / roll in the glue rollers. This is the maximum high speed paper feed system of this kind in the market at present.

High-Tech Pneumatic-Tucking-In System:

The high speed pneumatic system requires tucking for 2 sides. The remaining 2 sides are automatically completed by the brush turning unit. Pneumatic turning system is made automatic (No Pedal operating system). Programmable Pneumatic turning-in system has the facility to vary the timing according to the thickness of paper and quality. While using papers of maximum thickness, the stroke can be held for longer time if required. Turning unit bottom plate can be adjusted up to 6 MM as per the thickness of the board. This facility helps in obtaining crisp edge square finish.

High speed Double Brush-Turning System:

The Double station brush turning completes the turning in for final two sides. Rollers & brush will continuously rotate to fold the flap within few seconds. In order to ensure long life of the rollers unit, roller’s reverse rotation is eliminated. The PLC based reverse rolling facility is provided for the conveyor system. This is MUST for regular rapid high speed operation. Alternately, for manufacturing of Files & Table Top Calendars (inner pasting), Conveyor can be operated in single direction.

Unique Dust-free Calendaring System:

Quality Silicon rollers are used in the calendaring unit, which can be cleaned easily. Fine rollers control knob-cum-locker is provided for constant disengagement of upper rollers. This is to ensure that case is free from glue and dust on front side especially when using costly wrappers like white paper, wedding card products, quality binding cloths etc.. It is a major requirement of Hard Case Binder today.

Valuable options for variety of operational demands:

Main on/off red light indicator, glue heating cut-off indicator, water heating degree tuner, speed tuner for variable speed of glue rollers, emergency OFF bush buttons to both glue and brush turning units, inching facility for gluing unit and reverse & forwarding of Calendaring rollers, Programmable Pneumatic turning-in system offering facility to vary the time from 1 to 10 seconds, PLC based conveyor for brush turning unit.

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